• To see that the gospel reaches the unsaved souls all over the world by planting mini & local churches in both rural and urban areas
  • To ransack the cities, towns and villages through the fire crusades and revivals
  • To see every lost souls of their knees begging God for the forgiveness of their sins and iniquities
  • To bring the danger and terribleness of hell fire to people’s consciousness by preaching and teaching the reality of heaven and hell.
  • To see the spreading and manifestation of the long awaiting end time revival fire across all continents and in every single country of the world.
  • To bring back the real Acts of the Apostles and the demonstration of awesome power of the almighty God to the church with the evidence of the signs, wonders and miracles that follows the preaching of the gospel of Christ.
  • To make good and judicious use of the I.C.T to reach out to the unsaved digital world.