1. THE HOLY SCRIPTURES:- That the holy bible is the inspired, infallible and eternal word of God, and the one and only basis of our faith and fellowship with God.
    2Tim 3 vs 16-17, 2 Pet. 1 vs 19-21, Matth. 24 vs 34


  1. THE ETERNAL GODHEAD:- That there is one and only true God, the creator of the whole heavens and the earth, all powerful God, eternal existent in three persons. God the father, God the son and God the Holy Spirit. The Trinity. The Three in one God.
    The inseparable God Gen 1 vs 1-2, John 1 vs 1


  1. THE FALL OF MAN:- That man was created in the perfect image of Almighty God, but fall and lost the divinity of God in him through voluntary disobedience to his Maker. This fall and depravation of mankind necessitating redemption through the Blood of Jesus Christ.


  1. THE DEITY OF JESUS CHRIST:- That He is the Christ, Messiah, His divine and virgin birth, His sinless life style, His miracles, His sacrificial and atoning death on the cross of Calvary as our perfect sacrifice through His shed blood, His resurrection and His ascension to heaven.


  1. THE PLAN OF SALVATION:- That the salvation of mankind is through the redeeming work of Jesus Christ in which while we were yet sinners He (Christ) died for us for the pardon of all who believes in Him (Jesus Christ)


  1. SALVATION THROUGH GRACE:- That our salvation is by Grace through faith in the completed work of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. That the salvation is a total free gift of God to mankind by grace through faith in Christ Jesus as our Lord and personal Savior and the regenerative work of the Holy Spirit. We received the justification by faith in Christ.


  1. THE NEWBIRTH:- That through genuine and sincere repentance, and a whole – hearted acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior the real change takes place in the heart and life at conversion that makes mankind a new creature John 3 vs 3, 1 cor 5 vs 17 Gal 2 vs 20


  1. DAILY CHRISTIAN VICTORIOUS LIVING :- That after salvation God wants us to live daily victoriously through sanctification as act of total separation from the world and undiluted holiness within and without accomplish with daily and constant growing in the faith. Having a close personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ in implicit obedience to his word.


  1. THE ORDINCANCE OF THE CHURCH :- That there must be the physical water baptism by immersion and the commemoration of the Lord’s supper by the symbolic usage of the communion bread and wine matt 28 vs 19, Rom 6 vs 4, Acts 2 vs 41, 1 cor 11 vs 24, 2 Cor 13 vs 5, Matt 26 vs 26 -30.


  1. THE BAPTISM OF THE HOLYGHOST: – That every believer is in need of the endowment of power and fire of the Holy Spirit to be able to walk in the spirit daily as a Christian. Acts 1 vs 8, 2 vs 4, Eph 4 vs 30-32


  1. THE GIFTS AND FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT :- That as Holy Spirit bestows the spiritual gift, upon a spirit – filled believer, there must also spiritual fruit to show for it as evidence of spirit-filled life which must propels daily walk of such believer never lead him to the extremes (1 cor 12 vs 1-11, gal 5 s 22, phil 4 vs 5)


  1. THE RESTITUTION:- That one should do restitution for the past wrong committed where possible. There are some aspects of life where it is necessary to make the wrongs right as a new creature. Judges 17 vs 1 – 4, Philemon 1 vs 1 – 19


  1. DIVINE HEALING:- That there is healing power in the name and blood of Jesus as part of our salvation package as provided by the Lord Jesus Christ. Divine healing of physically sick folks is a result of answer to the prayer of faith and the application of the word of God. Jam 5 vs 14-16, Prov: 4 vs 20-22


  1. CHURCH RELATIONSHIP:- Believe in the church universal that is, both visible church and the invisible or triumphant church. Also the spiritual unity of called out assembly ( church )


  1. TITHES AND OFFERINGS: – That the method ordained and approved by God Almighty to support and spread His business here on earth is through payment of tithes which is the ten percent of your income and the free-will offerings giving cheerfully. Mala. 3 vs 8 -10, luk 6 vs 38, 2 cor 9 vs 7, Acts 20 vs 35.


  1. EVANGELISM:- The real heartbeat of God is the evangelism and soul winning. That is the most important responsibility of the church, in fact that is the real great commission. Mark 16 vs 15, Jam 5vs20, Prov 11 vs 30.



  1. THE MINISTRY: – We believe in the (5) fivefold ministries divinely called and scripturally ordained and approved of the Almighty God. The ministry of Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher. Eph 4 vs 11, 1cor 12 vs 28, Eph 2 vs 20.


  1. HOLY MATRIMONY:- Marriage is honorable in all….
    The word of God teaches us that monogamy has been the order since the beginning of the Law of Christ. Divorce is never to be mentioned, because it is only permissible when life partner has committed fornication. It is not even possible for a married person to commit fornication, they can only commit adultery which is not the reason given by Jesus Christ for divorcement. One husband one wife, marriage correction and re-marriage for young widows & widowers wherever there is divorcement both cannot re-marry again when they both are alive except one is dead.
    Gen 2 vs 18-25, Mal. 2 vs 13-16, Math 5 vs 31-32, Math 19 vs 4-6,9, luk 16 vs 18, mark 10 vs 11-12, 1 cor 7 vs 1-3.


  1. THE RAPTURE & THE SECOND COMING OF CHRIST:- The rapture is the event that will usher all believers in Christ Jesus into the marriage supper of the lamb. And the second advent of the Lord Jesus Christ is when He will physically land on the earth again. It will be visible in like  manner as He was seen ascending to the heavens… coming to the earth to judge the sinners and the ungodly 1 Thessalonians 4vs 13 to 18 acts10 vs 11 john 14 vs 3 rev 19 vs 19 to 21 ii thessalonians1 vs7 to10.


  1. THE GREAT TRIBULATION. This is the time in between His coming to receive His Brides or saints into heaven and his coming to the earth as a Judge to administer judgment upon the sinners and the ungodly is the great tribulation.
    Math 22 vs 29, 24 vs 21, Rev. 9 vs 16, Mark 13 vs 19, Jer 30 vs 7, Dan 12 vs 1, mal 4 vs 1


  1. THE MILLENIAL REIGN:- When Christ come as king upon the earth, he would set up his kingdom with the holy people for one thousand years. This one thousand years will be entirely different from any kingdom ever set on earth. This kingdom will be peaceful all through, there will be no sickness, death, crying, weeping, and poverty. Only Christ will be the king in the kingdom.
    20 vs 1-6, 2 vs 26-27, Isa 65 vs 18-20, Dan 2 vs 44-45, 7 vs 14-14,22,27.


  1. THE COMING JUDGMENTS:- There will be three(3) special judgments.


That will start immediately after the rapture. Where the saints will stand before Christ at the Bema seat to take rewards and Christ wipe away all tears from their faces. After this they will now descend with Christ down upon the earth.
2 cor 5 vs 10, 1 cor 3 vs 3, 11 vs 15, Jam 1 vs 12, Rom 2 vs 16.


This will be the time that the Lord Jesus Christ will appears on earth, the time between the millennial reign and the final and great judgment.
Acts 17 vs 31, Joel 3 vs 2, Eze 14 vs 15, Jud 1 vs 14-15, 2 thess 1 vs 7 -10, Rom 2 vs 16, Rev. 1 vs 7, Mal 16 vs 21.


This is the judgment of the unbelievers that will happen after Christ’s one thousand years reign on earth.
20 vs 11-15, 2Pet 3 vs 37, Dan 12 vs 2.


    The Bible teaches us that there is eternal life and also eternal punishment. All the wicked and those that forget God will be turned to hell fire burning with sulphur to be tormented both day and night and this continue forever and ever.

Rev. 14 vs 10 – 11, luk 16 vs 24, Mark 9 vs 43-44


    After the judgment when the wicked and the ungodly might have been sent to Hell fire.
    This earth and the heavens will melt away and God will bring melt away and God will bring a new heaven and new earth where nothing but HOLINESS will reign
    Matth 24 vs 35, 2 Pet. 3 vs 12-13, Rev. 21 vs 1-3, Isa 65 vs 17, 66 vs 22.