2022 words of prophecy



  1. The year of great vengeance of God upon the wicked.
  2. The year of great deliverance for the oppressed.
  3. Year of great revival in the Body of Christ (among the youths)
  4. Watch out for a revolution in some African countries including Ghana
  5. Year of divine settlement for those who have been waiting on God (marriage, business, career, ministries etc. )
  6. Year of divine assistance. There will be help from above for so many faithful people.
  7. We need to pray against national disasters in Ghana.
  8. Year of divine announcement or advertisement.
  9. Year of divine fruitfulness. So every Hannah should expect their Samuel this year. It’s in all ramifications, not in childbearing alone.
  10. Year of divine enlargement.
  11. The year we should pray against high death rate
  12. Year of the explosion of glory – many unknown persons will gloriously come to limelight

– international exposure.

  1. It’s a year of having intimacy with God.
  2. Youth should watch out and pray against the death toll.
  3. This year we need to pray more for the gift of discernment because there will be some open doors that are distractions.
  4. Year to invest more in the spiritual exercise of fasting, prayer, bible reading and study etc.
  5. Year to war against the spirit of immorality and promiscuity.
  6. Year to shine as the light of the world for every serious-minded Christian.
  7. The year still to pray against worldwide disasters
  8. Year of divine beautification and the manifestation of multiple explosions of glory.

( For Table Of God’s Grace Tabernacle).

  1. Year of the revival of signs and wonders.
  2. Youth should pray against walking into danger even untimely death unknowingly.

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